Marvin Sanderson, Xpoint: Unlocking the true potential of geolocation technology

At the end of last year, the sports betting and igaming industries were finally able to come together again at the SBC Summit North America for the first time since COVID restrictions began in early 2020.

Geolocation technology specialist Xpoint made its debut at the ‘21 event, using SBC North America as a platform to share its vision of helping partners unlock the true potential of geolocation technology. It’s a goal that has attracted significant industry attention and interest since Xpoint announced its intention to enter the market in 2021, interest that continues to climb as the firm grows, in particular in the US market.

As the first quarter of 2022 comes to a close, CEO and Co-Founder of Xpoint, Marvin Sanderson, took the opportunity to look back at a busy and rewarding few months since SBC last caught up with him in New Jersey last December.

“I know everyone was pleased to be back in America, catching up with people we had only been able to see over video conferencing tools for nearly two years. The SBC Summit North America was a key milestone for us. 

“We had a prominent position at the event, met with a lot of executives who we had been in touch with throughout 2021, and had the opportunity to discuss the value Xpoint can bring to a multitude of businesses. We’ve been delighted to see the fruits of those meetings realized since December in new business growth and investment in Xpoint.

“What is clear is that Xpoint’s approach to business is proving highly attractive. Our technology is exceptional, and our business proposition is unique. We work with partners to ensure they meet their regulatory obligations, but that’s just where the relationship begins. 

“Our goal is to help our partners grow, turning their investment in the geolocation utility into an asset, one that drives enhanced consumer engagement and revenue. Underpinning that business approach is our core belief in being transparent, collaborative, and flexible. We know that combination – of what we do and how we do it – is why people want to work with us, and that’s at the heart of the growth of our business.”

Since December 2021, Xpoint has made several major announcements, demonstrating the clear upward trajectory of the business.  Among those are partnerships with SportTrade, Playstar Gaming and Sparket. The company is looking forward to announcing more of these throughout 2022 as it continues to grow. 

Additionally, new investments have also been announced, with Bettor Capital and Courtside Ventures coming on board, helping fuel the already accelerated growth Xpoint is seeing in the USA.

Sanderson noted: “We’re honored to be part of all these exciting, challenger brands who are going to be significant names in our industry. They all share our vision and determination to provide innovative new thinking into the sports betting, igaming, and gambling space, and for me that’s one of the key parts of our relationship with our partners, having the same goals and approach.”

Turning to the investments Xpoint has announced in 2022, he said:  “I’m also delighted that Bettor Capital and Courtside Ventures have come on board, helping accelerate the growth of our business. Both companies approached us as they can see the potential we have, to bring real positive change to the geolocation market. 

“It’s an industry that really has no limit – we’re starting in the sports betting world, but we know that our technology and our business ethos can create value in any industry sector that uses geolocation technology. Think about how that technology is part of all our lives, and you see why Xpoint, and our partners, are so excited about the future for our business.”

Looking ahead to 2022, Sanderson sees an increasingly busy year ahead for Xpoint. “We’re excited to be back at the SBC Summit North America in July. Now that we have offices in Miami and Toronto, we’re starting to build out our team in North America, which means I’m in the US and Canada more often. As we continue to add new partners, and new team members, we will focus on increasingly building our presence in our biggest market.

“With Xpoint receiving so much interest, I’m happy to say that our new business pipeline looks very strong, so expect to see more news coming from us regularly throughout the year. I also want to make sure prospective new partners are aware of the fact that we are resourced to manage every partner equally. 

“As the number of partners we’re working with grows, so does our team, bringing in the highest caliber of talent from around the world to help meet the goals and objectives of everyone we work with. At the heart of our business are our partners, alongside our talented team and our primary focus is on helping them unlock the true potential of their investment in geolocation technology. We grow together, and I’m excited about how far we can go.”

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