California’s Prop 27 polling at just 34%

Prop 27 California Polling
Image: Shutterstock

A recent report from the nonprofit, nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) indicates that Proposition 27, the measure to legalize and regulate online sports betting in California, is not resonating with voters.

PPIC researchers said, if the election were today, their polling data shows that 34% of people would vote yes, 54% would vote no, and 12% of voters would be undecided.

Further breaking down that data, PPIC reported that a “strong majority” of Republicans would vote against the measure while Democrats and independents are split roughly down the middle. This despite the fact that both parties came out in opposition on the measure.

The only groups that are slightly in favor of Prop 27 are renters (51%) and the 18-44 age group (52%).

Much of the Prop 27 advertising trumpets how the measure would help contribute to homelessness. Most Californians polled do agree that homelessness is a major issue. A total of 68% of adults polled and 70% of likely voters described homelessness as a “big problem”, but there is a disconnect at the notion that Prop 27 could provide a solution.

Even though both Prop 27 and Prop 26, the measure to legalize retail sports betting and gambling expansion at tribal casinos, the budgets for these campaigns continues to balloon with roughly six weeks until Election Day. Spending across the two ballot measures now exceeds $500 million.

Meanwhile, the opponents of the measures keep piling up. In addition to a stinging op-ed from the Los Angeles Times, opponents include everyone from tribes to, surprisingly, organizations geared towards helping homelessness like Step Up, Goodwill Souther California, and the San Bernadino Corps of The Salvation Army.