Video: Jan Jones Blackhurst talks sustainability

Jan Jones Blackhurst is a legend in the US gaming space. A former mayor of Las Vegas and now a member of the board at Caesars Entertainment, she knows how to sustain a career and she knows what it takes to last in the ever-changing Sin City.

Blackhurst discussed a range of topics related to sustainability with journalist Mollie Chapman at the SBC Summit North America earlier this year. Her idea of sustainability includes a wide range of topics from the environment to fostering new talent.

“There’s so many things the industry can be doing collectively, to show that we understand that climate change has a real impact on our industry. Last year, due to floods and fires, at least three of our properties were shut down for over a year. So thinking that somehow we’re immune to what’s happening in our world is very short thinking,” Blackhurst observed.

She noted even simple changes like switching to LED bulbs and increasingly relying on solar can make a huge impact on both the planet and the bottom line.

Much like the environment, the workforce and leadership in the casino industry is about putting in time now to get results over the long term.

“I think education is the foundation for every advancement in the world, whether it is the highest order or whether it’s just in a local community,” she said. That is why Blackhurst works with UNLV’s International Gaming Institute to foster talent.

“I think this industry once you’re a part of it, it’s the most exciting industry, I think you can imagine. And there’s so many things that you can do and it’s ever-changing. And so finding how to take advantage of that, and then looking for mentors and resources, continue moving yourself forward on the journey is a wonderful thing.”

Finally, Blackhurst addresses how player protections and a focus on responsible gambling creates a sustainable business model in addition to treating customer with the care and respect they deserve.

“You know, there’s so many ways to look at responsible gaming and how we can collaborate right now at UNLV. We’re starting a center of international excellence on responsible gaming, where we’ll really be looking at programming. What is the best program for operators to implement that standardizes so we’re all doing the same thing rather than everybody coming up with a little bit different solution or, in a worst case, letting legislator or regulator come up with a solution.”

Check out the full interview here.