FlashPicks gains affiliate license in Ontario

Checkd Group FlashPIcks Ontario
Image: Shutterstock

FlashPicks, the first venture outside of the UK from European affiliate company Checkd Group, is expanding from the US into Canada. The site recently received its affiliate license from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), and the site is clear to launch with affiliate links in the Canadian province.

License coincides with appointment of Head of US Operations Callum Broxton

For newly appointed Checkd Media Head of US Operations Callum Broxton, the achievement is as much a personal one as a professional one.

“Six years on from first joining the company it’s a great privilege to head up Checkd’s international arm, just in time for the football season. We have some very exciting plans ahead and I can’t wait to get started,” Broxton said. “Ontario is an important sports betting market and one where there is a high bar in terms of meeting regulatory requirements.”

Things have been moving quickly in North America for FlashPicks, which only launched in North America earlier this year. The group gained experience working with US regulations with affiliate operations live in New Jersey, New York, Iowa, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and others.

Video series “For Bettor or Worse” off to strong start for FlashPicks

FlashPicks functions as a state-level affliate, but the content approach is a national one and includes audio and video content in addition to the written reviews and content on the site. The brand’s headline show, “For Bettor or Worse“, has already amassed 50,000 views on YouTube since it first launched four months ago.

Now, the scope of FlashPicks will be North American with the inclusion of Ontario, and will naturally focus heavily on content around the new NFL season.

“To have gained our first license in Canada is a major milestone, serving to underline the rapid progress since we launched FlashPicks in the US earlier this year, Broxton added. “We have been working hard to increase the range of experts that we can utilize to help inform and educate FlashPicks’ rapidly growing community and it is gratifying to be able to serve sports enthusiasts right across North America ahead of what is sure to be an exciting NFL season. Our aim is to provide the community with stats and information that can inform their picks – and hopefully help create some winners.”