Russell Wilson’s Tally Technology re-ups two NFL team deals

Tally Technology NFL Team Extension
Image: Shutterstock

Russell Wilson may have suffered a crushing loss in his debut as a Denver Bronco, but his company, Tally Technology, posted a nice victory on Tuesday. The Pro Bowler’s fan engagement platform re-upped its partnership with both the Green Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills.

The deal allows the team to use the white label platform to generate fan engagement and loyalty through free-to-play and trivia games. The FTP games certainly resonate with sports bettors, as they require participants to predict outcomes related to the respective team.

For the Packers, the platform will become an important part of its off-season, keeping Green Bay fans engaged with a countdown trivia game. The Bills plan to use the games and contests as means to gather data for presenting sponsors such as Perry’s Ice Cream, the company currently sponsoring a trivia game on the Bills website.

“We’re thrilled to work again with two partners who each have massive, loyal followings, and who recognize the value, need and, opportunities that can come from deepening relationships with those passionate fans,” said Brad Vettese, CEO of Tally. “Each partner has different fan engagement goals, which are reflected in how the platform and games are structured.”

Tally, which was co-founded by Wilson in 2018, recently completed a $4 million round of funding led primarily by Acies Investments. Rather than pursue real-money gambling, Tally’s goal is to use its F2P offerings to collect data for partners ranigng from teams to sponsors to sportsbooks themselves.

They web-based Tally product is designed for mobile without requiring an app download. The platform is highly customizable, allowing partners to integrate broadcasts, create leaderboards, and easily share player data with partners.

“Opportunities within our platform are limitless, and we look forward to helping the Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills develop custom platforms that meet their unique needs,” Vettese added.

Tally’s relationships extend beyond Wilson’s peers in the NFL. The company also works with the Los Angeles Lakers, Atlanta Hawks, Edmonton Oilers, and others.