Neosurf: Building on strong customer approach for ‘underserved’ US market

David Cox, Director of Mentoring and Development at Neosurf, has expressed his excitement in bringing the payments solution to the US and what he thinks is an ‘underserved’ market.

Speaking at ICE London 2022, Cox told SBC that a challenge the payments solution has faced entering the US market is the state-by-state regulation.

He noted: “The state-by-state regulation, so how that’s going to work in practice. I think now it’s happening, it’s been dusted down, and we’re seeing certainly the operators have been very good at making it practical for the players. We’re fitting into that now with a clear view of how that’s going to work.

“Our biggest fear factor was having to almost run 50 different countries rather than as we would in Europe where we can generally treat it as one regulated entity, so that’s been the biggest plus for us of the way it’s actually mapped out.”

Cox then delved into Neosurf’s plan for expanding across the US, which is to enter each state as it is regulated and licensed.

The Director said: “Our plan is we’ll go through each state as it is regulated and licensed, and we will be basing that on other factors such as demographic and also our partnerships, making sure that, in a particular state, we have the ability to deliver to the customer. We won’t go in if we can’t deliver the best, optimized experience for the customer.”

In terms of why Neosurf is suited to serve the US customer’s needs, Cox believes the payments solution brings a ‘solid product, a simple proposition’ with the ‘right partners’.

He added: “For us, the partners are two-fold. There are the companies we work with to deliver players to them with an easy-to-use payment method. There are also the partners we use to get vouchers to the customer, so the different channels we use to get Neosurf cash vouchers into the customer’s and the player’s hands.

“We’ve got an approach that has worked in Europe, in Australia, in Canada, and other places around the world and we want to build on that for the US customer who we think that’s what they should be getting.”