EBET recruits Captain Up to maximize customer loyalty

EBET Inc and its subsidiary Esports Marketing Technologies Ltd have reached an agreement with loyalty and engagement platform Captain Up. 
Image: Shutterstock

EBET Inc, an advanced esports wagering products and technology firm, and its subsidiary Esports Marketing Technologies Ltd, have reached an agreement with loyalty and engagement platform Captain Up

Under the terms of the deal, Captain Up will provide in-play challenges, achievements, and a rewards shop to maximize customer loyalty for EBET as it seeks to ‘amplify its revenue, business growth, and customer lifetime value’.

The loyalty and engagement platform offers incentives that are segmented to user behavior linking a reward with an action, encouraging players to collect badges, trophies, and progress through missions to claim daily and weekly rewards.

EBET loyalty programs will feature advanced gamification, including custom free-to-play games developed by Incentive Games that will work symbiotically with the rewards platform to deliver an ‘enriched user experience’.

“This is the future of gaming: personal journeys, gamified shopping, and dynamic challenges,” commented Uri Admon, CEO of Captain Up. 

“We are proud to join forces with the EBET family to add layers of gamification and customization that are tailored to each user in real-time.”

Earlier this month, Esports Technologies Inc rebranded to EBET to ‘better reflect the company’s business and its mission of providing innovative wagering and technology to the Millennial and Gen Z wagering market’. 

Michael Barden, Director of Loyalty and Retention at EBET, added: “Our alliance with Captain Up is another core component in our mission to capitalize on our ‘gamblification’ strategy to fully maximize customer retention and engagement.

“Captain Up is a proven strategic partner with core technologies that allow us to create and scale a system of rewards that will further resonate with esports fans, wagerers, and gamers.”

EBET has also recently updated its investors on its revenue position after the second quarter of FY2022, noting a 166% increase in corporate turnover.