The Sporting News: Having localized knowledge on a global scale

The Sporting News is gaining an advantage over its competitors in a crowded market by having specific localized knowledge of consumer demands in all territories that it operates in, according to Chief Operations Officer, Shaun Koiner

Speaking to SBC Media at SBC Summit North America last year, Koiner said that understanding the local consumer demands in Argentina or Japan or the US, is essential to the firm’s business strategy. 

He remarked: “Being a global publisher and understanding local nuance is something that sounds commoditized but is something very important to our business and something that we take very seriously.

“Understanding what’s important in Argentina or understanding what is important in Japan while also getting the benefit of the content production that we do in our core US and North America operations and having a global, trusted independent brand.”

Improving the firm’s global presence, Koiner detailed that it is aiming to enter 11 new territories in 18 different languages

Koiner also noted that The Sporting News is seeking to gain partners in the gaming industry over the next 12 months as it looks to expand and continue a global strategy. 

He added: “2022 will be a busy year. Gaming will be a large part of what we’re doing. Going forward, we will have a multitude of gaming partners, both domestically and abroad. 

“We’re going to continue to push forward globally, expanding to 11 territories and 18 different languages, so truly operating as a global brand which we’re very excited about.”