MGM Resorts gives back $2.7m to local communities

MGM Grand
Image: Shutterstock

The MGM Resorts Foundation has announced an initiative to give away more than $2.7m in grants to an array of local non-profit organizations in local communities in which it operates. 

Displaying its commitment to “strengthening the livelihood, capacity, and resiliency of communities”, MGM will provide grants to 107 nonprofits via its Foundation’s Community Grant Fund

Organizations in southern Nevada, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, northeast Ohio, the DC area, and western Massachusetts will get funding to provide services around housing, opportunities, workforce development, education, healthcare, and homelessness. 

MGM thanked employees who donated to the Community Grant Fund and the committee members who decided where the funds would go. The Foundation, which was established in 2002, has now provided over $100m in contributions. 

“MGM Resorts employees continue to amaze us with their generosity and commitment to our local communities,” said Maria Gatti, Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Engagement. 

“On behalf of our 107 grant recipients, thank you for your donations and even more importantly, for enlivening our company’s belief in investing in our communities through giving as well as volunteerism.”

The Community Grant Fund makes up part of MGM’s “Focused on What Matters: Embracing Humanity and Protecting the Planet” initiative that is guided by the UN Sustainability Development Goals

As part of this commitment, the casino operator sets targets that are “woven into the business’ strategic plans”.

The firm added in a statement: “MGM Resorts is committed to strengthening the livelihood, capacity, and resiliency of communities, developing sustainable institutions, supporting good jobs, promoting next-generation skill development, and collaborating with the public sector, policymakers, educators, and nonprofit organizations.”