Dean Sisun: Prophet Exchange gives ‘more sports betting freedom’ back to consumers

Prophet Exchange CEO and Co-Founder, Dean Sisun, says a sports betting exchange gives “more sports betting freedom” back to consumers than traditional sportsbooks because of the services and offerings it provides.

A peer-to-peer sports betting exchange, Prophet Exchange allows users to set their own prices for others to bet on or place bets on the prices already available.

Speaking at SBC Summit North America 2021, Sisun explained more about the experience that Prophet Exchange provides through its offering.

He said: “As opposed to your sportsbook experience where you’re given a listed price or a listed odds of what you can bet at, and then you’re also told what you’re allowed to be capped at (in terms of wager), at a sports betting exchange, you can take what’s available, or you can request your own price.

“Also, you can dictate how much or how little you want to bet, so essentially giving more sports betting freedom back to consumers.”

Sisun noted that sports betting exchanges stand out from traditional sports betting and sportsbooks because of their ability to request your own price and the fact there are no minimum or maximum wager limits.

“At a sportsbook, you have a listed price. With an exchange, what you’re capable of doing is requesting your own price,” he stated.

“So what that does over time, let’s say, for example, on an exchange, there’s an offer of -150 of an odds available. What I can do is I can come in and request -145. What that does is create an offer on the other side of the marketplace.

“Over time, more and more offers are created. Prices tighten, margins are very tight, and what you see is a much better price at an exchange than what you would see at a sportsbook.

“Anyone across the betting spectrum can come in and bet as much or as little as they want. There’s no minimum. There’s no maximum.”

During the interview, Sisun also discussed the SBC Summit North America conference, what Prophet Exchange got out of their attendance, and his predictions for the market in 2022 and beyond.

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