Yoav Ziv: It’s no secret that the US is a huge opportunity for LSports

The US market has, in the last few years, become the crowning glory for the sports betting industry as companies from all over the world rush to get in on the post-PASPA action. LSports has been no exception to this, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer Yoav Ziv told SBC Americas.

Having already set up a hub stateside – as well as acquiring the exclusive rights to the American Ultimate Disc League and the American Flag Football League – the US will likely play a major role in LSports’ growth during 2022. 

He said: “It’s no secret that all eyes are on the US which will be the next hub for sports betting. We’re seeing more and more states regulating sports betting and we’re already seeing some of those states exceed the $1bn mark for bets taken each month. It’s crazy!  

“Some articles that I have read have predicted that this market will be larger than the rest of the regulated markets across the world.

“We obviously see the US to be a major opportunity for LSports too. We have already made some steps into this market, with content, products and US-based staff. I think that the crown on top of all of this is the two US-based sports for which we acquired exclusive rights for. 

“This is going to be amazing – imagine new sports for a fanbase which is crazy about sports betting. This is something we’re looking at launching this year, and we hope that everyone will enjoy the party.”

But how can the company ensure that it is satisfying the needs of players across the post-PASPA market? The answer, he said, lies in personalization. 

When discussing the latest trends to sweep the industry over the next few months, tailored content was something which Ziv believes sports betting companies cannot, and should not, gloss over.

“As I see it, the next big trend must be personalization. That is only to be expected,” the CRO continued. “The sports betting industry is super traditional, it’s considerably behind sectors such as ecommerce, social media and other industries which we are exposed to on a daily basis. These sectors are fully personalized for individual users’ needs and habits. 

“The sports betting industry will really have to take a step in this direction in order to create a better user experience and overall journey for bettors. 

“At LSports, we already have personalization algorithms in place as part of our BetBooster product. This allows us to deliver different content to different users according to factors such as their betting habits, nationality, language and what other users who display similar characteristics like to bet on. 

“This is already in place. We’re now starting our first POCs with our first two major customers, but that is under wraps for now!”

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