White Hat Gaming: Targeting a presence in every US regulated state

White Hat Gaming has stated it will maintain momentum on its US expansion plans in 2022, as it looks to be featured in every regulated state.

White Hat Gaming has stated it will maintain momentum on its US sports betting and igaming expansion plans in 2022, as it looks to be featured in every regulated state across the country.

Speaking at the recent SBC Summit North America 2021 conference at the Meadowlands in New Jersey, White Hat Gaming VP – Sales & Marketing, Daniel Lechner and Chief Commercial Officer, Andy Whitworth, discussed the firm’s operations and outlook going into the new year.

Describing White Hat Gaming as an ‘aggressive company’ that has come a ‘long way in a short period of time’, Whitworth predicted continued expansion for the firm in 2022 as the US market continues to grow.

He explained: “Next year we have another double-digit launch of states for existing customers. We have lots of customers launching in the EU and the US in Q1 and Q2, and if you look at White Hat Studios, we’ll be live in every regulated igaming state.

“We hope to be live with every customer, whether that’s plausible or not, but we are an aggressive company. We’re chatting to every casino at the moment, it’s exciting times and we’re going to hire a lot more staff as well.”

Lechner highlighted how the rapid growth of the North American market has provided White Hat Gaming with ‘the biggest opportunity our industry will ever see’.

He stated: “White Hat Gaming is right at the forefront of this opportunity. We launched PAM over a year ago and have delivered it in 11 states in 13 months. We have a pipeline next year which is going to include all the rest of the states that are regulated for sportsbooks already.

“The platform is specially proven now in the US and as we don’t want to rely on one client we are aggressively selling our PAM solutions to our clients. We shortly announced a new deal for the US market, and we think next year really is when White Hat Gaming is going to come into the spotlight because we have lined up a lot of our announcements for next year and we really think this is only the beginning for us.”

Of particular significance for White Hat Gaming is the proprietary PAM platform referred to by Lechner, which includes its traveling wallet solution, allowing players to travel from state to state and between gaming verticals.

Commenting on this offering, Lechner asserted that the traveling wallet offers a ‘seamless express’ for operators by putting ‘the player into focus’.

He said: “In the US it is a very unique setup where you have different states and different regulations which leads to operators having different apps, different logins, and different wallets, and it makes it not as smooth as you would like to offer your product.

“We were the first to market and so I think until now no one else has launched it, so it gives the operator the opportunity to give a seamless payment experience. Players can use one app, travel between states, and in the worst case they need to accept terms and conditions, but in the end, it’s all handled in the background by White Hat and it’s fully regulated.”

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