Scientific Games’ OpenBet launches new hub in Tampa, Florida

Image source: Shutterstock

Scientific GamesOpenBet has opened a new hub in Tampa, Florida, allowing the firm to offer an extended 24/7 US Managed Trading Service (MTS) for the benefit of operators across North America and beyond. 

Led by Kevin Nunn, MTS Manager US at OpenBet, the hub provides greater time zone coverage within the US and complements the company’s existing operations in Las Vegas. 

The sports betting provider added that it is actively recruiting experienced traders with a passion for US sports to join the company’s MTS team.

In a statement, SG said that the opening of this new trading hub bolsters OpenBet’s credentials as a leading provider of full turnkey sports betting solutions across content, technology and services. 

The modular portfolio allows operators across the globe to deploy all the products required for their individual requirements, delivering the very best in responsible sports betting entertainment.

The full risk and liability management service powered by Don Best Sports is utilized by some of the world’s leading operators. It covers a breadth of markets and events including the big six US sports, delivering AI-driven pricing models overseen by a team of expert sportsbook traders.  

Glen Savile, Senior Director, Global Trading, at OpenBet, said: “As the North American sports betting market accelerates at pace, we understand the importance of continuously evolving our product offering to deliver a world class service. 

“With this new trading hub based in a location that has an abundance of talent available, we are in a stronger position to provide the very best pricing solutions to customers. Thanks to our modular portfolio, operators can level up their trading capabilities through our Don Best powered service and significantly enhance their sportsbook offering.”