P2P betting exchange Prophet sets up home in New Jersey headquarters

Image source: Shutterstock

Peer-to-peer US sports betting exchange Prophet has established headquarters in Hoboken, New Jersey, which will be home to the company’s leadership and operational teams.

It will be supplemented by additional staff working remotely worldwide, enabling the firm to attract and employ a diverse, highly skilled and experienced team in each of its core business areas.

CEO and Co-founder Dean Sisun explained the rationale behind the move to the Garden State, saying: “The establishment of our headquarters in New Jersey is another important building block in the development of Prophet ahead of our full consumer launch in Fall, 2021.

“New Jersey has solidified itself as the new home of sports betting in the USA, thus making it the natural place for us to have our headquarters. The physical space we will occupy in Hoboken provides us with the opportunity to build the company culture we want to create at the heart of our business.”

According to Sisun, the company expects to announce a range of significant new hires to all levels of its team. He stated: “We are bringing in experienced, creative, passionate people from some of the biggest names in the global sports betting industry who are energized by what we are building at Prophet, and who are all focused on helping us achieve our targets. 

“Most of those new hires will be based in New Jersey, while others will work with us remotely from different parts of the world. This mix gives us the chance to employ the very best people in the business globally, irrespective of geography, and at the heart of our team will be the creative, innovative culture that will define who we are, and which will help guide the development of Prophet for years to come.”

He added: “Prophet is a unique peer-to-peer sports betting exchange – our users will be able to set their own odds, take advantage of even (+100) odds on spread and total markets as well as drastically better odds on moneyline markets, and have no limits on their action. 

“This is truly a one-of-a-kind sports betting marketplace, and we want our business to be fueled by a culture that recognizes and supports the unique position we have and our ability to offer such an attractive product to our users. Our team will be comprised of sports bettors building and operating the best product for sports bettors.”