Sportradar: time to zoom out and take a wide-angle view of CPA

Image source: Shutterstock

CPA (cost per acquisition) has been one of the industry’s favorite marketing metrics for a long time, with every sportsbook able to recite its target CPA and identify its best performing channel for CPA. 

But do they know exactly what is keeping their CPA low? Or what is preventing it from being as low as they would like? Do they know the content or the media that’s pushing their customers or prospective customers further down the funnel, and towards that elusive first deposit? In most cases, the answer to this is no. 

That’s why Sportradar and SBC Webinars’ upcoming webinar, entitled ‘Beyond the CPA: Impactful Advertising for Sportsbooks’, taking place on Tuesday August 10th at 10AM Eastern, will attempt to lift the veil on CPA, and discuss the perils of operators focusing on simple ‘vanity metrics’ without understanding the nuts and bolts behind them. 

Our guest speaker, Sportradar’s US Head of Advertising, Mike Smith, will give his thoughts on why sportsbooks need to zoom out, take a wide-angle view of their user base, and continue to strive for new and unique ways to impact performance, and measure success, in order to gain (and keep) incremental market share. 

Additionally, Smith will cover various other solutions being leveraged effectively by sportsbooks, and he will give insight on how to correctly and accurately measure success with each method. He will also give his thoughts on the right mixture of media to maximize your results. 

Furthermore, the webinar will attempt to look ahead at the next six to 12 months in sports betting, attempt to prepare operators by identifying the ‘next big thing’, and finally analyze some less-explored avenues for sportsbooks to find their customers. 

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, August 10th at 10AM Eastern, and you can register for free by clicking here