OIGA moves annual conference and trade show to August slot

Image source: Shutterstock

The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA) has moved its annual Conference and Trade Show to August 16-18, having originally scheduled the event for late July. The decision to change the timing was made in order to give people more time to obtain COVID-19 vaccinations.

The 2021 OIGA Conference and Trade Show, otherwise known as ‘the biggest little show in Indian Gaming,’ will be held in the brand-new, state-of-the-art Oklahoma City Convention Center and is expected to draw nearly 3,000 vendors, visitors and guest speakers to downtown Oklahoma City to celebrate and advance the gaming industry. 

Association Chairman Matthew L Morgan commented: “OIGA is dedicated, first and foremost, to the wellbeing, safety and prosperity of our members, vendors and attendees. While hosting a July event was possible, it is our feeling that by moving into August, we will provide a much safer event for everyone.” 

Oklahoma is home to one of the largest gaming markets in the US with more than 80,000 electronic machines on the floors of more than 130 operations. The OIGA Conference and Trade Show has always been the largest regional show in the country and is, said Morgan, looking forward to hitting that mark again.

He added: “We are looking forward to seeing everyone. After cancelling last year’s events, it’s going to be extra special to see our friends and colleagues from across the country and around the world. We look forward to a wonderful Conference and a spectacular Trade Show at Oklahoma’s City’s brand-new Convention Center and world-class Omni Hotel.” 

The welcome reception and Poker Tournament will be held on Monday, August 16. Tuesday morning will be dedicated to conference sessions, while the trade show floor will open early on Tuesday for maximum networking. Instead of a formal luncheon, OIGA’s Annual Awards will be presented on the trade show floor stage, with a more casual meal. 

To register or for more information visit oiga.org.