The second-annual DraftKings Pink ‘Em initiative, a month long philanthropic effort that features four charity contests on each NFL Sunday in October, has raised $113,000 to help fund breast cancer research in collaboration with the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation

More than 385,000 DraftKings customers participated throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month this season, and combined with last year, the Pink ‘Em program has raised more than $231,000 to date from over one million total participants.

Matt Kalish, co-founder and president of DraftKings North America, hailed the efforts of participants in the context of a year that has been beset by the COVID pandemic. He said: “In a year that has been filled with challenges, especially regarding public health, we want to continue driving awareness and helping combat breast cancer as a disease that annually afflicts hundreds of thousands of people and predominantly women.

“Our customers make everything we do possible, and we thank everyone who participated in Pink ‘Em this season along with Larry Fitzgerald for his advocacy and the involvement of his foundation.”

After the inaugural launch of Pink ‘Em last year, DraftKings’ total charitable contributions passed the $1-million mark in tandem with its flagship Tech For Heroes initiative.

Between the $113,000 in breast cancer research donations this NFL season, the $340,000 given to racial and social justice organizations during the most recent NBA and WNBA seasons, the $500,000 pledged to the United Way for COVID-19 relief and more, 2020 has seen some of DraftKings’ most substantial corporate social responsibility efforts yet.

“On behalf of the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation, my sincere gratitude goes out to all the DraftKings customers who supported us in the ongoing fight against breast cancer,” said Larry Fitzgerald, All-Pro NFL wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. “Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a meaningful time for me personally, and the opportunity to help make a positive impact alongside DraftKings is truly special.”

The charitable focus for DraftKings will now transition from October’s Pink ‘Em toward Tech for Heroes where the firm is planning special Veteran’s Day charity contests throughout the whole of November.