HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc has entered into a joint venture marketing agreement with LOTIX LLC to pursue multiple sportsbook and lottery opportunities in the US and globally.

LOTIX is a licensed provider of gaming and payment technology including lottery, sports betting, central monitoring systems, social and wireless gaming, skill games, online casino, retail shops, sweepstakes and other gamification products and services to operate and develop modern gaming ventures.

The provider brings one of the first ventures to the partnership, an opportunity to aggressively enter the US online gaming market through the acquisition of state licenses and launch operational platforms to multiple US states.

According to LOTIX CEO and Co-Founder Bil Liu, the firm’s Sportscloud platform will be integral to HeadsUp’s expansion in the US and overseas markets, alongside its “pioneering, PlayPay digital wallet”.

With the immediate launch of operations in the US, HeadsUp claimed it will be positioned to monetize the industry using its preferred, player proven and market-ready platforms with sustainable game content and self-service betting technologies.

Compliance requirements have created the need for the company to restructure its plan to acquire offshore operating assets, including VIP Entertainment, and replace it with a revenue-sharing marketing agreement which has been completed with a “go to market” digital campaign that is beginning this week.

HeadsUp’s Chief of Business Development Mark Hutchinson said: “The market is massive … in the billions and we are positioned to make the right moves fast to make HeadsUp an industry leader.”