Betting operator Betsson is reportedly in talks with its partner Jockey Club do Rio Grande do Sul (JCRGS) to take charge of the international broadcasting of the races that take place at the Hipódromo do Cristal in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

In late 2019, Betsson acquired a majority stake in Suaposta, a site operated by the Jockey Club. This association could be strengthened at a global level by broadcasting the races on the Betsson platform, as reported by Games Magazine Brasil (GMB).

The Hipódromo’s revenues dropped 80% in the first three months of the pandemic, and after returning to a limited schedule bets were made entirely online which led to a decline in participation by traditional bettors.

This partnership would increase revenues, which were strongly affected during the four months that the facility was shut down due to COVID-19. The agreement could come into force with the GP Protetora do Turfe races that take place on September 11.

Negotiations are progressing between the operator and the JCRGS, with the only things in discussion being how to collect bets and image distribution. The facility would also need to review its own dress code and requirements, as professionals would need to comply with the European and American racetrack standards.

José Vecchio Filho, president of the Jockey Club of Rio Grande do Sul, told GMB that they are “still reviewing the technical aspects” of the partnership, but that they will “solve them this week.”