Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) has strengthened its commitment to analyzing, detecting, preventing and reporting irregular and suspicious betting patterns across North America by launching a new Operational Hub at the Loto Quebec premises in Montreal, Canada.

The new hub is the third of its kind to be opened by GLMS, after the organization opened premises in both Denmark and Hong Kong.

Sports Betting Director at Loto-Quebec, Louis Beaudet, commented: “The safeguard of sports integrity should be a priority for all sports betting operators. Loto-Quebec is proud to contribute to GLMS’ mission as we share the same core values. It is truly an honour to host the third GLMS hub and be able to directly contribute to its success.”

The Montreal hub, which will primarily target North American jurisdictions and sports, will ensure that the integrity of sporting competitions is protected from corruption.

Commenting on the launch of the new premises, GLMS President Ludovico Calvi stated: “with the recent sport betting deregulation and legalisation process in North America and the official opening of the new GLMS Operational Hub at Loto Quebec’s premises in Montreal, our association is completing its full globalisation process.

“Loto Quebec has been a very active GLMS member in recent years and we value the standards of their Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental consciousness and awareness raising of issues including problem gambling and integrity for sports.

“GLMS is a stronger organisation today with a distinctive – glocal approach – leveraging on truly global operations and local intelligence and expertise.”