Simplebet enjoys 350% boost in NBA markets in 2023 season

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Simplebet has noted that its second season of providing NBA bets has proven particularly fruitful, as it witnessed 350% year-over-year growth. 

The B2B micro-betting firm has provided 90 playoff/play-in game markets during the NBA playoff period.

Concluding after the Denver Nuggets defeated the Miami Heat over the five-game series, the NBA was a lucrative market for Simplebet in 2023, as the firm generated nearly $47m across its operator client portfolio. 

This was boosted as Simplebet enjoyed a fivefold hike in NBA micro-volume annually as it seeks to take advantage of the rise in interest in short-form in-play betting. 

Chris Bevilacqua, CEO of Simplebet, said: “This year’s NBA playoffs truly showcases the capability of Simplebet’s platform for a free-flowing game like basketball. With almost 100% uptime, our markets allow fans to bet on their favorite players’ next shot attempt result throughout the course of the entire NBA game. 

“We are thrilled with the results of this NBA season, and we look forward to expanding our NBA offering by the opening tip next year.”

Simplebet also offers B2B micro-betting products for the NFL, MLB, college football as well as college basketball and boasts a whole roster of operator clients as the Joey Levy-founded firm aims to be the go-to micro-betting partner in the US.