Sporting Solutions, part of FDJ Gaming Solutions, has joined The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) as an associate member, becoming the first dedicated sportsbook supplier to do so.  

The company is a specialist in the field of odds provision, trading expertise and risk management services and works with many of the leading Tier 1 and lottery sportsbook operators internationally.

Associate membership with GLMS will support the ongoing development of Sporting Solutions’ Quantitative Trading Services which are designed to deliver a superior player experience, improve visibility over sportsbook trading and operations and optimize partner returns by leveraging advanced economic techniques from financial markets.

Commenting on this development, GLMS President Ludovico Calvi stated: “I am delighted to welcome Sporting Solutions within the GLMS family. They are a perfect complement to the GLMS global monitoring and intelligence capabilities with their history in pricing, trading and risk management services. 

“We are delighted that Sporting Solutions, by adhering to the GLMS Code of Conduct and its vision and mission, has shown a clear commitment to promote transparent and socially responsible betting operations, in line with the highest standards of sport betting integrity. We look forward to working closely with Sporting Solutions with the objective of protecting our core values and acting as a shield against global sport corruption.”

Edward Peace, Managing Director of Sporting Solutions added: “We’re really excited to join GLMS. Our partnerships throughout the WLA are founded on the highest standards of trust, integrity and operational excellence – this milestone further demonstrates the culture and values we share with the lottery sector. 

“The commendable work of GLMS to protect the integrity of sports betting and educate the industry is invaluable. We’re very proud to join the growing GLMS family and strengthen our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of sports betting integrity.”

As a GLMS Associate Member, Sporting Solutions will be linked to the GLMS visual identity and overall operations. It will receive summaries of GLMS global alerts and will have access to education and prevention tools, as well as to the Global GLMS information network. 

Sporting Solutions will also benefit from sponsorship and communication opportunities at GLMS events and will actively participate in GLMS’ key working groups, bringing with it a detailed understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing lottery sportsbooks today.