Ahead of its social gaming app launch in August, FanUp has confirmed that Clinton Sparks and Michael Hamilton will join the company.

FanUp allows US gamblers to bet together for real money, and will be made available in time for the 2020 football season. The app hopes to deliver a social element for sports and esports betting, encouraging bettors to wager together.

Sparks has been named as the head of business development, having previously served as the vice president of business development for FaZe Clan, the largest esports and lifestyle gaming company in the world.

In his previous role, Sparks has led strategic initiatives that merge esports and hip hop, attracting investments from top-tier venture capital and private equity firms and a range of popular musical artists.

Hamilton meanwhile has spent the past decade designing sports analytics and money management systems for sports betting and esports, having also co-founded Stats Trading Co which recently posted 61% on MLB, 59% on NBA and 56% on NFL for a net profit of 1600%.

“Clinton and Mike are widely known for their unparalleled ability to shape and influence culture. They’re exactly the talent FanUp needs to round out our business development team and reimagine the esports and sports betting experience for our customers. We couldn’t be more fired up to have them leading our brand partnerships to take us to the next level,” said Tejas Bodiwala, CEO, FanUp.

“Fads are ephemeral. We want to be a household brand and name for young professionals and social sports fans, changing the way they consume and engage with esports and sports betting,” he added. “We want to alter the calculus of fandom and redefine the sports betting ethos by ensuring fans never have to bet on or experience sports alone again.”