BMM Testlabs will support the 20th Annual National Center for Responsible Gambling Gaming Conference next week in the capacity of a Bronze Sponsor. The event is co-located with G2E at the Las Vegas Sands Convention Center and takes place from October 13 to 14.

Frank Fahrenkopf, the firm’s Non-Executive Director, will feature in a panel discussion during the conference on the 20th anniversary of the National Gambling Impact Study Commission. He shares the panel with Katherine Spilde of San Diego State University; Christine Reilly from the National Center for Responsible Gaming; and Roger Gros of Global Gaming Business.

The main topic of the panel will be to gauge how the Study Commission’s 1999 study of the social and economic implications of gambling in the US has impacted on the gambling landscape after 20 years.

Chief of Staff Wendy Anderson commented: “BMM is a socially responsible company and has always been at the forefront of educating the industry on issues from skill-based gaming, to sports betting, to forensics, to responsible gaming and beyond.

“The NCRG is pivotal in RG research and we thank them for their continued advancements in educating gaming professionals on responsible gaming.