SG Digital SVP Keith O’Loughlin explores the importance of streamlined visualized data for sports bettors. 

As sports betting continues its growth, both in established markets and in the rapidly expanding US space, focus shifts from launches and go-lives to providing unparalleled player experiences. The entertainment landscape is constantly evolving, and with the upward trajectory of the US sports ecosystem, player-centric solutions are more important than ever. 

To capitalize on the full extent of the sports betting opportunity, we’re always seeking ways to augment the player experience. With such a wide variety of innovations and product features available, it’s crucial to focus on tangible benefits to the end user and make the entire betting experience seamless and simple.

Recognizing—and acting on—the different needs of your sports betting audience is paramount. Longtime sports bettors are often incredibly knowledgeable about pricing and complex bet types, and catering to them can keep them engaged long-term. 

On the other end of the spectrum, casual bettors (or even first-time bettors) give sportsbooks a try for the experience. It’s more of a new form of entertainment than a consistent hobby for that particular audience, and ensuring they have the tools needed to take that first step is absolutely essential. 

With our OpenSports™ product suite, we develop features and functionality with both of those player types in mind, and the common ground is intuitive presentation of scores, updates, and betting information in one sleek visual package. 

Our new Match HQ™ scoreboard empowers operators to give their punters a top-notch betting interface backed by easy-to-understand presentations of key data points, match scores and available bets

Match HQ covers a comprehensive variety of sports that are popular with global audiences and betting markets, including basketball, football, baseball, soccer and tennis. The data presented to players can include live scores, play-by-play animations, individual and team statistics, commentary, and more. 

Rather than simply presenting data, Match HQ offers it in an easily understood interface that builds around the sporting event and betting technology, rounding out the process for a full 360-degree sportsbook experience. Fueled by data and packaged with expert pricing and reliable technology, it brings sports betting to the next level. 

Beyond offering players of varying experience a library of useful information, Match HQ and, by extension, a polished user interface, play a key role in any punter’s journey. For rookie bettors, having a helpful library of data points and stats to inform bets is a big win. 

For seasoned punters, that same data keeps them engaged with the technology longer and builds trust—they know they have access to crucial information and will expect that level of care going forward. 

Betting becomes a unique sort of partnership between player and operator; the operator supplies the bets, pricing, and scoreboards while the player becomes a loyal customer. 

On an industry level, scoreboard features can amplify the connection between players, the sports they love, and operators’ portfolios with a seamless integration that keeps players engaged.

With a plug and play solution, operators can quickly capitalize on the market opportunity, while their players gain immediate access to information that improves their experience. The sports betting journey comes full circle by creating a feedback loop that gives each party stake in the game, as it elevates the overall entertainment value of a sportsbook. 

Moreover, the industry will benefit from ongoing innovation and personalization with regard to how data is presented. Customized user experiences will become more important as the U.S. market grows and bettor tastes diverge into something separate from the typical taste of punters in established markets. 

As sports betting heats up in the States and continues to grow in more experienced markets, the visualization of key data made possible by Match HQ will only increase player engagement and foster a more connective experience all-around. A keen focus on scoreboards functionality can set a sportsbook apart from competition—it’s an easy win.