The American Gaming Association (AGA) has responded to a major milestone in US sports betting, as more than than $10bn has been legally wagered on sporting events since the strike down of PASPA in May 2018. The threshold was crossed in July, with most states having published their revenue figures.

The AGA noted: “Today, consumers in 11 states have safe, regulated alternatives to the dangerous illegal market. With Indiana and Oregon on the cusp of launching and five more states plus DC expected to follow suit in the coming months, nearly one-in-three adult Americans may soon live in a state with legal sports betting.”

Recent research from the AGA found an overwhelming majority of Americans – nearly eight in 10 – support legalizing sports betting in their state. In addition, 71% of Americans who currently bet with a bookie said they would shift some or all of their betting activity to a regulated market if they had access to a legal platform.

The association concluded: “Most importantly, consumers are betting responsibly – nine in 10 casual bettors set a budget before they visit a casino. Since more than 90 million Americans identify as current or future sports bettors, and 88 percent of adults view betting as an acceptable form of leisure, responsibility in gaming remains the top priority for the industry.”