MGM Resorts International has been recognized for its commitment to social responsibility related to problem gambling by the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) with a Public Awareness Award at the organization’s 33rd National Conference in Denver.

The award was presented in recognition of the company’s use of a responsible gambling program: GameSense – specifically MGM’s Responsible Gaming Education Week campaign for 2018. Launched nationwide at MGM Resorts’ properties in 2017, and developed by British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), GameSense integrates responsible gambling education and support into the company’s guest service culture. 

Rich Taylor, Executive Director of Responsible Gaming at MGM Resorts, welcomed the accolade, saying: “We can’t thank the National Council on Problem Gambling enough for presenting us with this award. Our entire team takes great pride in the work we’re doing to promote responsible gambling throughout the world.” 

He added that so far, GameSense has led to more than 950,000 customers having positive, transparent and proactive interactions about how to gamble responsibly. “GameSense continues to transform the way we approach responsible gambling with our guests and MGM Resorts is committed to leading the conversation to help develop a culture of responsible gambling and player health across the world.”

NCPG Executive Director Keith Whyte noted: “I would like to congratulate Rich and the entire team at MGM Resorts for their leadership in raising public awareness about responsible gambling. Their initiative to implement GameSense across all their properties, far in advance of the regulatory requirements in most jurisdictions, has already led to almost one million teachable moments with their customers.”

GameSense, licensed to MGM Resorts by BCLC, can be accessed through interactive touchscreens, printed educational materials and other resources. Dr Jamie Wiebe, Director of Player Health at BCLC, noted that MGM Resorts is taking an innovative approach to leveraging the program to ensure that messages resonate well with its players.

“Research shows that positivity, simplicity and friendliness lead to increased player engagement and it’s great to see MGM Resorts using this approach through GameSense, which was first developed and introduced by BCLC in 2009, to increase positive play behavior amongst its players,” Wiebe said. “This important recognition of MGM Resorts’ work to raise the bar of responsible gambling programming is certainly well deserved.”