The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association will host its annual conference and trade show in Tulsa from July 22 to 24. Described by the association as ‘the biggest little show in Indian Gaming’, it is expected to draw nearly 3,000 vendors, visitors and guest speakers to celebrate and advance the industry.

Sports betting will inevitably take up a significant portion of the conference agenda, with panels shining a spotlight on a number of crucial areas. A session dedicated to the history of sports betting will take delegates through the UK sports wagering experience and what can be expected in the US as more states come on line with a legal framework. 

A further panel dedicated to sports betting focuses on ‘choosing your partner wisely’. This session will cover the internal decisions on handling risk, sportsbook management and other key issues. Some of the sports betting sector’s major providers will also be on hand to share their views on how to operate a successful sports wagering system and what it took to get there.

Social responsibility and safer gaming are also extensively covered with a panel devoted to tribal gaming investments in responsible gaming and balancing public relations and health. The session will examine concepts that are important for tribal and casino representatives to understand and articulate in the ongoing discussion about responsible gaming efforts in tribal properties, including the determination of actual and responsible investments in prevention, education and treatment for disordered gambling.

It will also explore the political and cultural contexts of gambling addiction with an emphasis on the science and practice of responsible gaming in commercial and tribal casinos.