DraftKings Inc and Hotwire have collaborated on the introduction of a new, free game called The Hotwire Effect Series that enables users to draft players based on stats alone, echoing the rising prevalence of data-driven analytics within Major League Baseball (MLB). 

Built exclusively for online travel site Hotwire, known for its mystery travel deals, DraftKings has created a custom game inspired by the Hotwire booking process where travelers use filters and data to select their Hot Rate hotel and car rental of choice.  

Players of the series will be able to see all the typical fantasy stats for any player, with the exception of the player’s name making it, said the firm, a fun and exciting way to draft their lineups and test their strategic approach. Once each contest begins, users will have their players’ names revealed to them, similar to how the Hotwire app works when booking a hotel, also known as the “Hotwire Effect.”

“Statistics have always been the driving force behind DraftKings’ Daily Fantasy Sports products and resonate tremendously with baseball fans on our platform,” said the company’s Chief Business Officer Ezra Kucharz. “Conceptualizing our latest free game The Hotwire Effect Series with a company like Hotwire is a great opportunity that gives our customers a new way to engage in a unique experience we are sure will be a hit.”

“We’re known for offering travelers that thrilling moment when their hotel is revealed after booking one of our opaque Hot Rate deals,” said Melissa Postier, Director of Brand Marketing, Hotwire. “We wanted to find more ways to bring that experience to life for people, and we’re excited to collaborate with DraftKings on a unique twist to their highly popular games that lets users focus on data alone to win!”