West Virginia Lottery officials have confirmed that the launch of a sports betting app through DraftKings has been delayed to ensure compliance with the Federal Wire Act. It is expected that the process will delay the launch by up to several weeks.

According to State Lottery Director John Myers the location of the system’s servers has prompted the agency to move cautiously to make sure they are in line with the requirements of the Act.

Quoted in MetroNews, Myers noted: “The location of one of the servers was in question during the testing period. I think we have agreement among everybody that that needs to be located in the state of West Virginia in order to make sure that there is not an issue or violation of the Federal Wire Act.”

The two DraftKings servers in question that must be in the state include the bet server, located in Charles Town, and the wallet server, which is housed in New Jersey.

Myers added that the lottery is exercising caution with West Virginia being one of the first states to introduce such games. “There is not a precedent to go by in the law,” he told MetroNews. “There’s not a precedent to go by in creating platforms and these systems that move the data around. We are kind of learning as we go.”