Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc, the publicly traded North American video game media and esports company, has announced that its network of video game enthusiasts has grown to 150 million total monthly visitors. The firm said that its platform is the fastest growing gaming network in North America and includes owned and operated gaming related websites and a network of YouTube channels.

Monthly visitors across the network have doubled since Enthusiast completed its going public transaction in October 2018 and have grown from two million monthly visitors since 2015. The increase, said the company, validates the rapid growth of the gaming industry and “…further positions Enthusiast as a leader in the space”.

Menashe Kestenbaum, CEO of Enthusiast, commented: “Our consistent growth further validates our business model, as we continue to outperform visitor growth month over month. Our team continues providing innovative, rich content which attracts dedicated gamers. This content allows us to deepen our reach both vertically and horizontally across a number of sub-sectors within the gaming industry.”

He continued: “In a relatively short period of time, we have managed to amass a network of over 150 million monthly visitors and now major brands are taking notice. In addition to our core revenue generating verticals of content, advertising, and events, the size of our network has provided a number of different revenue opportunities, that we believe will add sustainable, long-term value to our network moving forward.”