Top-tier US sportsbook operator PointsBet has said it will guarantee, with immediate effect to honor a minimum bet-to-win amount of $10,000 for all customers on game day for every single MLB matchup, all NBA and NHL playoff games, and the NFL season. The firm confirmed it will guarantee this “to win” amount on all spreadline and moneyline bets starting at 10am ET each game day.

The Game Day Guarantee will extend until the end of the NFL Season in 2020, empowering all “sharp” or winning bettors, who are often drastically reduced or banned from betting altogether, with the ability to place large wagers all season long.

According to the company, many experienced “sharp” bettors are currently being limited or restricted outright from wagering by most online NJ sportsbooks, resulting in large amounts of wagering handle remaining off-shore. With the PointsBet Game Day Guarantee, the company intends to bring wagers back into the recently legalized US sports betting market. The company says it will continue to uphold the highest level of responsible gambling, ensuring the offer will not apply to anyone on the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement’s (NJDGE) restricted lists.

“We’re bookmakers at heart and accepting action from sharp bettors is in our DNA,” said US CEO, Johnny Aitken. “We are excited to get our guarantee underway and ensure PointsBet is doing its upmost along with offering the best prices to bring money back from off-shore sites into the legalized US market.”

“Any serious sports bettor has to be betting with PointsBet” said professional bettor Bill Krackomberger. “Their prices are the best, and they take on winners without banning accounts or limiting wagers to win $1 or $10, like I’ve seen from other sports betting operators.”

“As a professional gambler, I’ve been disappointed as sportsbooks continue to lower the bar as to what is acceptable behavior towards sharp betting action. However, PointsBet guaranteeing a game day minimum bet raises that bar. Their innovation in New Jersey is setting a standard for other sportsbooks to follow” said professional bettor and NJ resident, Jack Andrews.

The bookmaker achieves market differentiation, it claims, by consistently offering the best prices, most comprehensive betting options, and innovative promotions not seen anywhere else. The $10,000 Game-Day Guarantee represents an extension of that philosophy. As the fastest growing sports betting company, PointsBet will continue to build trust and credibility with bettors of all types while establishing themselves as the choice platform for higher-staking bettors in the US.    

This announcement comes on the heels of PointsBet’s recent “Good Karma Payout,” in which the firm’s Karma Kommittee refunded all UCF bettors during the UCF vs. Duke March Madness game after an unexpected and devastating finish to the game.