A bill that would enable legal sports betting and facilitate immediate installation of table games in racetrack casinos in Indiana has been passed by the State Senate this week. Bill 552 also allows the relocation of two Gary casinos, the first to a nearby interstate location, the second to Terre Haute.

The bill, sponsored by Republicans Mark Messmer (pictured) and Jon Ford, makes provision for wagering on professional games in a terrestrial capacity, and includes mobile betting. Bettors will, however, only be able to use mobile after first signing up at a physical location either in person or via their smartphone.

Observers from within the professional sporting leagues will be disappointed to note that Indiana’s new bill does not allow for an integrity fee, but has stipulated that only official league data may be used for in-game wagers.

In his address to the Senate, Messmer described bill 552 as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reset the casino industry in Indiana. But his proposals have yet to pass muster in the House where there is resistance to what some view as a ramping up of gambling in the state.