Having recently announced a new partnership with Jamaican licensed IslandBet, sports betting technology specialist BtoBet engaged the firm’s CEO, Adam Epstein, in an informal Q&A to discuss technology and regulation.

BtoBet: What is your company’s vision?

Adam Epstein: We aspire to be the best betting and gaming operators in the Caribbean and LatAm region. Without any doubt whatsoever the technology we use and the customer service we provide are what constitute the major strengths of our company. Our brand has been operational for over three years and we continuously improve the service we provide to our players. We listen to our customers to make improvements on the entertainment we provide, and as the CEO, I personally spend time with my customers and ensure that the service and products we promise are delivered.

BtoBet: What do you think of the Latam regulatory scenario and the potential it keeps in hold?

Adam Epstein: The LatAm regulations are moving the industry in the right direction. There is huge opportunity in this region for customers to operate on a legal licensed platform that will provide them with a secure and safe way to enjoy the entertainment of betting and gaming. With governments working towards legalization of the industry, it will only continue to grow in the right direction. These laws and regulations pave the way for hard working companies, like Island Bet, to expand.

The LatAm Market is a virgin territory and the potential is unlimited. Customers are looking for a better way to enjoy the entertainment of betting and gaming, and with the newly legalized territories, local brands will be able to grow. Companies like IslandBet can help brands provide the technology needed to cater to each specific country in the way their customers want. We see a great future in the region and it is perfect timing for us to expand into other countries within LatAm.

BtoBet: What are the major strengths of the Neuron technology provided by BtoBet?

Adam Epstein: Through its portfolio of Neuron iGaming platforms, BtoBet has provided us with the technology to continue to meet and evolve the industry standard. It sets us apart from competition, allowing us to better understand our customers’ wants and needs and deliver them. We have a completely customized front-end platform and we use advanced Artificial Intelligence to tailor offers specifically to our players. There are many exciting future projects in the pipeline, and we will continue to grow with Neuron and share the positive product with our customers.

BtoBet: What makes BtoBet’s technologies particularly suitable for Latin America?

Adam Epstein: LatAm is ahead of the curve when it comes to their expectations for technology. In my home country of Jamaica, 95 per cent of people own or use a smartphone, and are extremely savvy. Thus they expect the best technology at their fingertips, and aspect that the Neuron platforms comply with. The advanced security features at the core of the platforms are also critical for protecting our customers and our operating companies.