According to VSiN (Vegas Stats & Information Network), the forthcoming ‘Big Game’ between New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will generate a new record for the most money wagered on a single event in the history of regulated sports betting. The dedicated sports wagering network has predicted that more than $300m will be bet across eight states on the game which takes place in Atlanta on February 3.

To arrive at that record figure, VSiN Senior Reporter Dave Tuley analyzed Nevada‘s Big Game from the past 15 years and then extrapolated the limited available data from the seven states that have recently legalized sports wagering.

“The handle, or amount wagered on the Big Game, has grown pretty steadily over the past decade, breaking records in Nevada for each of the past three years,” said VSiN CEO Brian Musburger. “Between that momentum and the addition of seven new states taking regulated bets, we’re expecting the amount wagered this year to dwarf everything we’ve seen in the past.”

Musburger added: “As more Americans take a little action on sporting events, we at VSiN are providing the news and analysis needed to inform those bets. In honor of one of our favorite weekends of the year, we’re offering free access to our video content.”

From February 1 to 4, the network will provide free access to broadcast coverage at, including in-depth analysis of Big Game lines and prop bets. During this free period, the network’s stable of sports betting experts will deliver 24 hours of specialized coverage leading up to the game, including a special pre-game show hosted by legendary broadcaster and VSiN Managing Editor Brent Musburger.