EML Payments USA and PointsBet USA have launched a re-loadable payments card that allows their customers in New Jersey to load funds to their gaming account and quickly access their winnings.

The combined card is designed to offer a seamless funding experience with real-time payouts that can be pushed back into their gaming account or used online, in-store, in-app or at ATMs.

Jamison Jaworski, President Americas, EML Payments: explained: “The launch of the PointsBet reloadable payments card represents an exciting time in sports betting for both PointsBet and EML. Both companies understood the importance of being first to market with an acquiring and payout solution to enhance the PointsBet gaming experience, boost brand loyalty and meet the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving US online sports betting landscape.”

Johnny Aitken, CEO of PointsBet USA, added: “Our relationship with EML has allowed us to quickly and seamlessly integrate a withdrawal method that is unique to the US sports betting market. While other sportsbooks are still trying to figure out how best to payout winnings to their players, PointsBet is able to focus on making continual improvements to our existing process and providing a VIP experience.”

Having successfully provided payment solutions to sports betting providers across the globe, EML said it is positioned to provide a consistent experience in the US. With the launch of this additional program, EML is now managing 11 branded re-loadable prepaid programs in the gaming industry across Australia, Europe, the UK and the US.

“Gaming operators, casinos and fintechs have the opportunity to provide friction-free payment methods that encourage gamblers to keep playing. We’re partnering with gaming providers we believe will shape the future of online sports betting in the US,” said Brandon Thompson, Group Chief Commercial Officer, EML Payments.