Having recently been awarded the GLI-33 / GLI-19 certifications, Bet.Works reaffirmed its commitment to integrity as it continues its growth in the US market. 

SBCAmericas spoke to David Wang, founder and CEO of Bet.Works about how the brand aims to continue strengthening its position on integrity, as well as outlining some of the challenges that await for suppliers in the US. 

SBCAmericas: Firstly, you recently received GLI-33 / GLI-19 certifications, how much of an affirmation is this for your platform?

David Wang: GLI is the global leader in gaming protocols authentication. This is just another step in our path of demonstrating to the US marketplace that the Bet.Works technology is best in class and a US-ready solution.

To date, a very limited number of companies have GLI-33 certification for sportsbook, so it is a big endorsement for our team.

As far as we know none of the European competitors operating in the US market have been able to achieve this particular milestone. In that regard it is significant to be able to tell potential clients that we have GLI-33 and our competition does not.

SBCAmericas: How important is it that as the US market opens up further, integrity continues to be a main focus for operators and suppliers?

DW: Integrity and probity are issues that are at the forefront of our industry. This is one of the main reasons that our team of leaders are based in the US and focused on serving the US market.

On the integrity side of the equation, Dr. Laila Mintas has joined our team as Chairwoman of our Advisory Board. Dr. Mintas is the foremost expert in the world on sports integrity issues and has taught classes at many of the leading US universities sports programs including Columbia University where she is a professor.

SBCAmericas: Can you tell us some of the challenges that are involved with supplying to different States with different regulations in the US?

DW: The USA is unlike any other regulated market in the world. The level of scrutiny is unmatched. Our architecture is uniquely designed to address a multi-jurisdictional landscape with nuanced regulatory requirements in each state.

That being said we have a hyper-flexible platform that addresses the unique fingerprint of each state and its requirements for licensing.  

SBCAmericas: What can others learn from the approach of Bet.Works when it comes to ensuring integrity is maintained?

DW: Integrity and compliance are core to Bet.Works’ principles. Any licensed gaming company that is considering operating in the US must understand this part of the US environment from a Federal and State perspective and recognize that each state’s approach to gaming is not one-size fits-all.