Novig gears up for CO launch with US Integrity

Colorado sign
Image: Shutterstock

Sports betting exchange Novig has signed a partnership with US Integrity to secure the monitoring of betting activity on its platform once it launches. 

The platform is set to debut in the US sports betting market this fall when it tests the waters in Colorado. It will then analyze performance before expanding nationally in 2024. 

Preparing for the rollout of its peer-to-peer betting platform, Novig has penned this deal with US Integrity to ensure that no suspicious activity takes place on its app. 

The deal ensures that US Integrity monitors all activity on the platform, as well as the sports it offers wagering on for suspicious betting patterns, officiating and match-fixing. 

“US Integrity is proud to partner with Novig and as they launch a new innovative platform. Novig, a sports betting exchange, is a unique and enhanced alternative to traditional sports betting in the Colorado market,” said Matthew Holt, US Integrity’s CEO & co-founder. 

“US Integrity’s mission is to provide conflict-free, best-in-class insights & compliance solutions to our clients. We are looking forward to their launch date and collaborating with the exceptional team at Novig. All our partners are committed to the highest integrity standards, and they are no exception. 

“These partnerships and more specifically betting exchanges, help ensure and improve sports betting integrity while strengthening the unique & proprietary anomaly detection tools we have developed at US Integrity.”

Novig is one of few sports betting exchanges in the US and allows players to bet against each other rather than the house. Novig was developed by Harvard grads and takes inspiration from Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Investors in the company include Y Combinator, Joe Montana and Paul Graham.

“The unwavering integrity of our platform and the user experience it provides are the cornerstones of our operation at Novig,” explained Dan Rosen, Head of Operations at Novig.

“As we build an industry-leading sports betting exchange, our partnership with US Integrity allows us to fortify these foundational elements. We’re excited to align ourselves with a group celebrated for upholding exceptional standards in safeguarding sports betting integrity.”