BallStreet Trading has launched what it claims to be the first real time prediction market designed to give users the ability to day trade individual sporting events as they watch live at the stadium or from the comfort of home.

The platform, said the firm, is a true peer-to-peer marketplace set up as a tournament where players compete during any live event, eliminating the ‘house’ in favor of a trader vs. trader approach.

“BallStreet will dramatically change the way fans consume and experience conventional fantasy sports and sports betting,” stated CEO Scott San Emeterio. “The way fans engage with sports has so much room for growth. There have been other market concepts but they didn’t seem to consider the everyday fan.”

Leveraging his 15 years of investment banking experience, San Emeterio has created a simplified market structure allowing anyone from Wall Street professionals to casual sports fans to compete alongside their favorite teams.

The company went on to say that game play will be completely interactive, requiring users to identify trends and account for everything from injuries, remaining time, current and historical data and the weather to navigate the markets at any given point in a game.

With the most recent developments in the sports gaming landscape, San Emeterio predicts a major shift over the next few years. “Even as SCOTUS legalizes sports betting, the industry has gone about 40 years without any real innovation,” he said. “We believe the future of engaging fans will be in real time. Our key difference to other newer and even older concepts is our ability to create and simplify liquid markets for the best user experience.”

Players will be able to choose from a real money or free market on both iOS and Android. BallStreet will be running real money NFL playoff markets, offering what they say will be a “…unique democratic and flat payout to the top 20% of all real money traders”.