The American Gaming Association (AGA) has issued an official statement by way of response to the National Football League (NFL) announcement yesterday that Caesars Entertainment will be the first ever official casino sponsor of the NFL.

“The NFL’s official partnership with Caesars Entertainment is a perfect example of the value of contractual relationships between leagues and the casino gaming industry,” said Sara Slane, senior vice president of public affairs for the American Gaming Association.

“The partnerships now in place between gaming companies and each of the four major American sports leagues enrich the fan experience and validate gaming’s role as a form of mainstream entertainment.”

The AGA has consistently argued that the way forward for the major sports leagues in securing robust integrity for their teams, players and fans is to strike up commercial agreements with sports betting and gaming entities.

While the latest partnership between Caesars Entertainment and the NFL does not currently hold any provision for sports betting, it clearly signals the potential for further relationship building between two camps (leagues and gambling) that prior to the repeal of PASPA were firmly divided.