Sports data and intelligence provider STATS and Kroo Sports, a no-risk live betting, predictions and trivia app, have announced a new deal this week. Under the terms of the agreement, the Kroo Sports app will be powered with STATS’ sports data.

The app enables fans can compete in live betting contests, answer sports trivia questions, predict game outcomes, play fantasy games, and place traditional bets with no financial risk. Players are rewarded with Kroo Credits, which can be redeemed for real tickets to sporting events nationwide.

By using STATS’ data, Kroo Sports connects users with the latest scores across the four major US sports, as well as STATS’ premium feed for live play-by-play gaming, where users predict the result of an upcoming play or event.

“Kroo Sports takes a unique twist on fan engagement through a free, incentive-based form of gaming that gets sports fans more involved in the action,” said Steve Xeller, chief revenue officer at STATS. “By using the fastest and most accurate data in the industry from STATS, fans can make real-time predictions and get results instantly on their phone. Not only does this encourage fans to stay engaged with their favorite teams, but it rewards them with tickets to see them live.”

STATS premium data allows fans to make predictions live during baseball games as the action is happening. Before a hitter steps into the batter’s box, fans can predict if the player will get on base via any hit, a walk or hit by pitch or if the batter will make an out of any kind. The user also has more specific options, like predicting the hitter will strike out or hit a home run. Kroo Credits are earned for correct predictions. A new version of live gaming will be rolled out soon for football.

“Sports fans are passionate about their teams and the game, and Kroo Sports lets them take their fandom to the next level,” said Matt Anello, operations and content manager at Kroo Sports. “We need fast and accurate data to give fans instant results to their predictions. By connecting with STATS, our data streams are updated instantly and we have more options for creating new games on the platform.”