The Nevada Gaming Control Board will hold a workshop to receive public input on proposed amendments to Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) Regulations 5, 5A, 22, & 26C. The regulations related to licensee hire and termination reporting; wagering account creation requirements; authorized player registration requirements; regulation of off-track pari-mutuel horse race account wagering; and regulation of race books and sports pools.

The public workshop is scheduled to take place on October 16, 2018 at the board’s Nevada offices and via video conference. Interested persons will be afforded the opportunity to present statements, arguments or contentions in writing, with or without opportunity to present them orally.

Among the items for discussion are proposals to add definitions for amateur sport or athletic events, governing bodies, professional sport or athletic events, and virtual events. Proposals will also be heard to modify definitions for call center systems, communications technology, and sports pools.

The board will also take views on ways to modify the approval requirements of call centers; to modify reserve requirements; to adjust the period in which a book must honor winning betting tickets; to adjust parlay card wager requirements; to set out a list of permitted wagers; to modify the list of prohibited wagers; to set out a process by which wagers on athletic sporting events become prohibited if the chair makes certain findings regarding the governing body of such events; and to delete the definition of professional team.