Having launched its Playsugarhouse.com sportsbook last week, operator Rush Street Interactive says that there are already some interesting trends to be seen. According to the firm, baseball is the most bet on sport so far, both in terms of number of bets and amount wagered. But given that baseball was the only major US sport in regular season at the time of the launch, this was not a surprising stat.

What is surprising, it noted, is that tennis, only one day into the US Open, was already the third biggest sport at its sportsbook.

Mattias Stetz, COO of Rush Street Interactive, speaking after the opening day of action, explained: “It seems that our sports bettors really started exploring our live in-game offer last night, with both Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal playing prime time at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. 70% of wagers on tennis are live in-game already.”

Players can choose from a wide range of bet options, sometimes with as many as 60-70 different live in-game options per match. At any time, they can bet on the outcome of the match, the current and following sets, every game of every set and even every point of every game. Other exotic bets include whether each set will reach a tiebreaker and also the game spread of each set.

Playsugarhouse.com aims to offer over 20,000 live in-game bet options for the US Open alone, and players will be able to bet on every point of every match in both the singles and doubles tournaments.

“Live in-game betting is the future of sports betting here in the US, and being able to offer interesting bets, even in games that are very one-sided, is something we always strive to offer our bettors,” Stetz added.

With the NFL regular season ready to kick off, Playsugarhouse.com is guaranteeing live in-game betting on every game on every regular season game, including the playoffs.