Having been awarded interim approval as a sports wagering supplier in West Virginia, Vancouver-based geolocation technology and compliance specialist GeoComply Solutions is now preparing for the process of full approval.

According to Lindsay Slader, VP regulatory affairs at the firm, the West Virginia Lottery has yet to define how that process will play out, but confirmed that the interim licence runs for a 270-day period. State regulators are aiming for a September 1 go-live date for sport betting, well within that time frame.

Under the terms of the agreement, GeoComply will supply its geolocation compliance solution to the state, effectively creating a virtual barrier along its border. The technology dictates that bettors who cross that barrier will no longer be able to use sports betting services in West Virginia, ensuring that there is no breach of the WIRE Act.

According to Slader the importance of ensuring a sports bet is a legal, intrastate transaction cannot be overstated.  She told SBC Americas: “With such great sensitivities to the WIRE Act and other federal/state laws, and such easy access to free/common location spoofing tools, the reputation of a licensed operator (as well as its licensing regulatory body) can be shattered in seconds with inadequate geolocation controls.”

She added: “A robust and optimised geolocation solution is essential for securing the integrity of a sports wagering system from a legal and compliance perspective, from a brand integrity perspective, and from a consumer usability stand point.”