Our journalistic colleagues at SportsHandle.com roundup another hectic week in the USA.

NCAA to Member Schools: Pay for Integrity Monitoring Yourselves

Since the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act on May 14, the NCAA has squarely aligned itself with the NFL in supporting the idea of a federal vs. state framework for legal sports wagering.

But Thursday, the association that oversees college athletics made a big departure from some of its professional brethren. While the NBA, PGA Tour and Major League Baseball are seeking a cut of sports betting revenues to pay for an environment they insist will require additional oversight, the NCAA announced that it will not seek the so-called “integrity fee.”

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FanDuel Scores Deal to Manage Sports Betting for West Virginia’s Greenbrier Resort

In an agreement announced on Monday at ProFootballTalk, FanDuel will operate retail, online and mobile sports betting services for The Greenbrier Resort, located in southeastern West Virginia. This means that coupled with its partnership with The Meadowlands Racetrack in northern New Jersey, the combination of Paddy Power Betfair and FanDuel, the second-largest daily fantasy sports (DFS) platform, will have established sports betting presences in two of the first five states that will offer legal sports betting, after the fall of the federal sports wagering ban in May, courtesy the Supreme Court.

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Report: NY Will Have Biggest Sports Betting Market in U.S

A new report shows that the New York sports betting market will surpass Nevada as the biggest in the U.S. and the U.S. will do more gambling business than the United Kingdom by 2023. The GamblingCompliance report, titled “U.S. Sports Betting — Sizing the Post-PASPA Opportunity,” was released Wednesday. It indicates that between 25-37 states will legalise sports wagering within the next five years, and that seven of those states will offer sports betting in the next few months.

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PGA Tour Agrees It’d Be Foolish to Limit Mobile Betting to On-Premises

We’ve made the point before but had yet to see it articulated like this by one of the professional sports leagues: If state legislation or regulations limits sports betting to on-premises only at a physical property, and requires people to go casinos/sportsbooks to register for or fund their accounts, that’s an invitation people to stay in or join the black market for sports betting.

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Kentucky Banking on Sports Betting to Help Patch Pension Problem

The state of Kentucky has a massive pension problem. And the plan is for sports betting to help fix it.

Former governor-turned-state senator Julian Carroll (D-7) pre-filed a sports betting bill in the Bluegrass State earlier this week and make no mistake – the goal is to raise money through KY sports betting to aid the state’s pension funds.

According to the text of the bill, revenue generated for the state would be split 50-50 between the state’s racing commission and a trust. The racing commission would use its portion of the revenue for integrity monitoring, while 60 percent of the portion earmarked for the “sports wagering distribution trust fund” is designated for the Kentucky Employees Retirement System Nonhazardous Retirement Fund and the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System pension fund.

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