Former head coach of the El Salvador national team, Ramon Maradiaga has been given a two year ban from all involvement in football, after FIFA ruled he had failed to report a match fixing attempt during a World Cup qualifier between El Salvador and Canada.

It follows on from 2013, when some of the most sought after El Salvadorian internationals were banned for life after their involvement in a match-fixing scandal.

The most recent case emanates the country’s final Concacaf World Cup qualifying group game, when sitting bottom of the group they took on a Canada side who still had faint hopes of World Cup qualification. A big win for Canada over Maradiaga’s side could have led to Canada possibly achieving World Cup qualification.

The incident came when the former Honduran international, Maradiaga failed to report a meeting that took place in which his players were offered “financial compensation” from a third party, in order to fix the result of their final group game.

In a statement issued after the ruling, FIFA outlined: “Based on the report, the investigatory chamber investigated and analysed Mr Maradiaga’s involvement in an attempt to manipulate matches, allowing and not reporting a meeting held between the players of the national team of El Salvador and a third party, in which financial compensation was promised to the players in exchange for their altering the result of the game between El Salvador and Canada.

“The offer was rejected and reported by the players of the national team of El Salvador via a press conference on September 5, 2016.”