Illinois-based slot manufacturer Incredible Technologies has announced that its application to supply slot machines to casinos in Ontario, Canada has been approved by the province’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission. The move sees IT achieve its first Canadian gaming licence and the company said it has plans underway to expand to other provinces. The licence also marks the firm’s first international expansion for its Infinity slot products.

Coinciding with the award of the new licence is the news that IT has appointed Dave Stone as director of sales for Canada. Stone will oversee the Illinois-based company’s rollout throughout the country.

“Having Ontario as our first provincial gaming licence in Canada is a big milestone for us,” said IT vice president of gaming sales and marketing Dan Schrementi. “As it stands, licensing efforts are underway in four additional provinces and demand for IT games is at an all-time high. The timing is right to bring on a sales director to oversee these efforts and we’re excited to have Dave Stone lead that charge. Dave is smart, experienced and ready to take on the unique challenges of opening a new market.”

Ontario marks the 29th North American state/provincial licence for the slot manufacturer.