The Vicca Group is just one of a number of firms set to attend next months Juegos Miami, with the Colombian operators claiming it is essential Latin America claims its own space, and how crucial this could be in developing the firms online gaming brand ZAMBA.CO.

Group chief executive officer Rodrigo Afanador Carrasco spoke about how his company has benefited from online gaming regulation in Colombia, and how other countries could learn from its example: “I think that the regulation process in Colombia was carried out very meticulously and trustfully. It was more complex than we thought to start everything rolling.

“I think this is the most valuable lesson: the experience gained during the implementation. In particular, generating confidence in the Colombian financial sector has been a big challenge.

“I think there are many lessons for those countries which are considering online gaming regulation and, in my opinion, the biggest lesson is that it is necessary to, at the earliest possibility, directly involve all the sectors and institutions which have a crucial effect in the success or failure of the industry.

“I think that the experience of the online gaming regulation in Colombia will show the way for countries like Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile to focus their efforts in order to create regulations that are suitable for their own markets.

“Colombia’s case is an important reference but it is also crucial to bear in mind that each market and each country has different cultural approaches and different specific realities.”

Adding how Vicca helps provide a different dimension to gaming in Colombia: “ZAMBA.CO, our online gaming brand, is the result of merging the 25-year expertise of Vicca in the regional market, with the technical and professional standards of the Belgian GAMING1 Group.

“Our approach for this operation is based on the player, their gaming experience and mainly their security. We want to offer them a portfolio of events and possibilities that are in line with their expectations, in a secure and transparent manner.

“ZAMBA.CO is definitely a regional project and we plan to operate in countries that offer a serious regulation and appropriate market size. This year is going to be very dynamic for online betting, offering a multitude of learning opportunities to everyone.

“In our case, we hope to be able to form alliances with interesting operators in the region to achieve joint developments. We have an amazing team who is gathering very valuable experience.”

Juegos Miami is to be held at The Miami Biltmore from May 30 – June 1.