The Reach & Retain webinar series continues with communications focus

The Reach & Retain webinar series continues with communications focus
Image Source: SBC Webinars

The Reach & Retain – Dynamic Marketing for the Long Game series continues on 29 April with a discussion on the art and science of storytelling to the media that matter and how important it is to build brands.

In the second of a four-part webinar series, HPL Digital Sport and SBC Americas will host strategic communications experts to discuss the critical importance of how effective storytelling with the media can build brand relevance in the sports betting industry.

The importance of communications within  branding has been a hot topic in the last few months, with a few high profile brands like Barstool Sports and Paddy Power really leading the way on building a distinct brand identity. Some of these companies have leveraged really smart PR to successfully raise investment dollars, be acquired and/or just create greater meaning and success with their users, customers and partners.

In this exclusive series, the panel of experts will take a look at why strategic communications with the media is critical and how our perceptions of different companies can be influenced by the way media report and tweet about the business day after day. 

Join Patrick Eichner (Director of Communications, PointsBet), Michael Adorno (VP of Communications, HPL Digital Sport), Sue Schneider (VP Growth and Strategy for Americas, SBC) and David Purdum (Gambling Industry Reporter, ESPN) who will discuss how to bring real opportunities on the M&A front, as well as with target customers, partners and investors who matter.

Other topics to be covered during the webinar include:

  • What do the most influential media really want to hear from you and why?
  • How to create storytelling strategies that work with your key stakeholders
  • Importance of developing a brand voice – How high profile companies are setting the tone
  • What should be your own communications formula for success in the M&A world

Register now for Episode 2 of Reach & Retain – Dynamic Marketing for the Long Game, 29 April at 1 PM ET

Ed Moed, CEO, HPL Digital Sports elaborated: “A cluttered and confusing growth market has created a saturation of the same commercial message heard by media and other influencers, again and again. Whether a content provider, sports book, league, casino or technology offering, now is the most critical time for companies to learn how to create storylines that are both authentic and credible with media and other influencers. And, to build those relationships that will create ongoing visibility to energize other marketing efforts.

“This latest instalment of the Reach & Retain Dynamic Marketing for the Long Game series is a must-attend for those operators looking to build their brands more effectively, while adding and retaining customers along the way.”

Episode 3 will see HPL Digital Sport share the results of an exclusive study into how those within the industry perceive their brands in comparison to how they are perceived by the consumers.

Episode 4 will focus on what potential investors find appealing and how to build a brand to appeal to the investment world and secure the funds to stand out in the market.