Antigua-based Esports Entertainment Group has announced the signing of affiliate marketing agreements with 15 esports teams in support of the recent launch of its VIE esports wagering platform. The new additions bring Esports’ total number of team affiliates to 26 with more expected to join.  

The newcomers comprise Quite Legendary; ZYLEX eSports; Vertical.Sense; not.BEARable; FRAGLINE; Burning Foxes; Titanium Cloud e-Sports; FireWind Gaming; Victrix Gaming; E-Sport Club Hungry Hippos; DestinyGaming; Pride Stark; Proskilled; Kata e-Sports; and Turtle eSport

Titanium Cloud e-Sports stated: “We’ve decided to partner and promote VIE because of our great confidence in their business and model. Specifically, they provide full transparency which we believe is very unique in the esports wagering market. The security, regulation and SEC oversight of Esports Entertainment Group significantly increases the trust factor in VIE. To top it all off, VIE also makes it possible to add our team matches to the site, so that our fans can bet on them safely and securely.”

Burning Foxes added: “Being part of the VIE affiliate program is a big step forward for our organisation, which had a big restart in February 2018. Until now, we have been very wary of online esports wagering due to the recent scandals, as well as, the threat of our fans and players becoming addicted to gambling.

“However, we have put our trust in VIE due to the wagering controls, cooling off period and other such measures integrated directly into the site for the purpose of making sure players have fun without getting into trouble.  This is something no other esports gambling site has ever done to our knowledge and the reason why we are proud to be part of their affiliate program.”

Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports, commented: “The addition of these 15 esports teams to our affiliate program, along with the 11 announced just 10 days ago serves as further powerful proof that VIE is what the industry has been waiting for. We are proud to provide all esports fans and teams a fully transparent esports wagering platform, the only one in the world to help the entire industry grow and prosper. We look forward to working and growing with these teams and their great fans for years to come.”